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Earth Mother
By Judith D. Parr Simmons

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Earth Mother is a fictional little treatise that inspires you to honor Mother Earth. Did Earth Mother really call forth the angelic kingdoms and did she work with Master God to create this magnificent planet?

Her words weave you, layer after layer, through each and every step of earth's creation; even through the waters, valleys, great mountains, and the inhabitants upon the planet. Some were upon the earth; some in the waters; or in the air.

Will humankind heed her words to cherish Mother Earth? Or will humankind face their own extinction?


“I keep reading this little treatise, and each time I receive some brand new insight. You could put this little vignette with several of your other short stories into one fascinating book and everyone would fall in love with each story, and with you." - Priscilla Dewey: Practitioner of Brunler Color Healing and Brunler Brain Radiation” – Glendale, CA

“I'm wondering how you came up with such a vast perception of who Earth Mother is. Like she said, 'the sounds, and smells, and sights have grown to great orchestral form. It's so beautiful; so sweet; this earth of mine.” – Kenneth Perry, retired history teacher, Denver, CO