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By Judith D. Parr Simmons

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I have two goals in writing this book:

I find again and again that healing takes place through a change of consciousness, a change in belief. This book represents a composite of my personal journey through several pathways in my quest for wholeness through the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of being. Too often people do not come to healing practitioners until there is a developed condition in the physical body. We are most fortunate when we can treat the cause of sickness, rather than having to treat the effect, and how wise are those most interested in prevention.

These chapters do not introduce you to new fads, but present ancient teachings that are being awakened in the West. May these words trigger memories of ancient teachings long forgotten as well as remind one of the inner self-knowledge that taps the reservoir of knowledge and that of common sense.

May these pages give you ideas to help you and your loved ones. May you be introduced through the spiritual treatments to the hierarchy of angels who joyfully await to serve and minister to you. With my whole heart I ask for your lives to be ignited with the spark that will bring you your wholeness.

Editorial Reviews of this Book

"With love and wisdom, insight and compassion, Dr. Judith Parr Simmons wrote MANY AVENUES OF HEALING. Her stated (and accomplished) goals were to ‘help the reader make his own decisions for regaining health . . .’ and ‘to remind the reader that all healing takes place through the healing of spirit - through connecting with God, All That Is.’ – . . . dedicated to the principle that healthy bodies are achieved through spiritual attunement. MANY AVENUES OF HEALING is a MUST read!" – Richard Fuller, Senior Editor of Metaphysical Reviews

An Introduction to this Book

Millions of people this day are going to their doctors and saying, "I am sick, cure me."

Others are going to their natural healer and saying, "Heal me." Countless others go to the witch doctor and say, "Take this evil from me." Many more millions are reaching into the medicine cabinet to find the perfect capsule to dull the pain, while others walk the streets and wonder why they are still alive.

My friends, the large mass of humankind does not realize that since they make themselves sick they can also heal themselves. We all need to be reminded that we need to take the responsibility for everything that happens to us, and to remember that our course of destiny is the result (effect) of how we think. (Not only personally, but planetarily.)

For truly if we are sick or have any disharmony, we need to look at how we have separated ourselves from the Source, God, All That Is, largely through our judgment, anger and fears.

Let us share this journey together, and look to where we may have poisoned the body through physical matters, or through poisoned thoughts. Let us now step through the pages of MANY AVENUES OF HEALING together.

Free Read - First Three Pages

Chapter 1 – The State of Wellness

"Not all the water in the seven seas can sink a ship unless it gets inside."
Harry Emerson Fosdick

We humans sometimes commit actions against others that cause separations in relationships. At times we also think, or commit actions against ourselves at the deep, core level. Any act that creates a division or a confusion also creates within us a separation from God, the Oneness, All That Is. This lack of unity, or self-love, eventually creates affliction, discomfort, or disease. When we have sufficient love for all things, including self, we do not need to be ill. Yet most of us have many more steps to reach this level of perfection.

I recently gave a baby gift with a bib that read "I am perfect." May that precious child keep his sweet love and innocence, and may his parents nourish his spirit to keep his perfection.

As we grow from babyhood on, most of us lose our sweet innocence and trust. As we begin our interaction with others: family, neighbors, schoolmates, co-workers, ministers, and teachers add their influences and opinions for our so-called "welfare."

As we react and interchange experiences with people we learn patterns from them which include rigidness, fear, and morality judgments. In addition, each and every interactive experience without the very highest expression of love can teach us to hold resistance, anger, grief, resentments, and grudges. These negative beliefs disconnect us from God, inch by inch, through our thoughts.

In our interactions with others, if we experience holy-ness we experience whole-ness, the radiant expression of health. Dis-ease is separation, and well-ness is like a deep well with an unending supply of deep spiritual water.

"Seek ye the kingdom of God, and all these things shall be added unto you." (Luke 12:31) When we seek the kingdom of God, we are not seeking church rules of dogma. We seek the spirit of God, of love, and of making the spiritual connection deep within our being. Essentially this book is giving you various experiences and the means to help release your chains from past restricted beliefs.

In this chapter, however, let us look at some common attitudes. Let us see if we can look at old patterns and habits in a fresh, new way. To start, here are some common expressions we can try to eliminate from our vocabulary:


Leg or foot "I can’t stand it"
Ulcers or heart "He burns me up"
Headaches or brain uncoordination "I don’t understand" or "can’t put it together"
Digestion "I can’t digest that"
Vision "I can’t see that"
High blood pressure "She makes me see red"
Stomach or digestion "He makes me sick"
Nerves or colon "I’m all tied up in knots"
Hand or wrist "I can’t handle it"
Knee or back "Bend over backwards"
Neck or shoulders "Pain in the neck"
Throat problems "That sticks in my craw"

As you start watching for any use of these expressions, you may be surprised to see that you have habitually used them without realizing it. The subconscious does not reason or have a sense of humor. It takes you at your word!

Following are some areas of the body that can be affected merely by our thinking. If you have any problems in these mentioned areas, perhaps these thought patterns can give you a key to understand why you have had the blockage. These thought patterns are my own compiled list, combined with some from Serge King’s IMAGINEERING FOR HEALTH.


Headaches Conflict of thinking
Eyes Don’t want to see the future (near-sighted)
Present holds danger (far-sighted)
Poor self image, not wanting to appear aggressive (poor vision)
Ears Resistance to hearing truth or what someone said
Mouth Holding back anger (lip sores or tooth/gum problems)
Nose Suppressed grief
Throat Suppressed anger or over expression of negative words
Neck Stiff-necked or rigid thinking
Shoulders Carrying burdens or being inhibited
Arms Reaching out too much, or not reaching out
Hands/wrists Inflexible or inability to handle concerns
Upper back Holding back or carrying "monkey on back"
Lower back Carrying too many burdens or backing away
Legs Standing or understanding in relationships
Knees The inability to bend
Ankles/feet Support or lack of support

End of page three in Judith Parr Simmon’s book, MANY AVENUES OF HEALING


"People must take compassion upon themselves as well as responsibility for themselves for true healing to occur. MANY AVENUES OF HEALING can help people understand their process of living and thus bring about their deep healing." – Wabun Wind, author.

"Dr. Judith gives us an inspired overview of the various alternative healing methods available to us to assist in bringing balance and union of the body-mind-spirit. A clear, concise and useful reference book that helps us smile our way to health." – BJ King, mystic and publisher.

"There are people with dysfunctional bodies who need these remedies right now." – Karin Ditmarsch, mystical artist.

"Rev. Dr. Judith Parr Simmons has written a book which emphasizes inclusiveness, individuality, and the importance of one’s own responsibility for addressing his or her health." – Nicholas Nossaman, MD., D. HT (Past Pres. of American Institute of Homeopathy).

"I thank our Lord for allowing you to do this book." – Hanna Kroeger, minister and herbalist.

"All the avenues lead you to better health through this concise, well-organized written book full of wisdom and wit." – Neta Kaye Stokely, "Tucson Mind Expander."

"This book has such a broad scope of different methods of alternative healing, I keep giving it as gifts." – Dorothy Elder, author.

"Judith has ‘done it again’ through this beautiful mosaic of holistic writing. The bibliography is worth buying the book. In fact, each section is a complete book in itself." – Dr. Helen V. Walker, Director of the Rocky Mountain Mystery School, and Esoteric Truth Center.

"Bravo! I hope MANY AVENUES OF HEALING becomes a classic. It is powerful!" – Paul Chivington, author and quantum physics scientist.