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By Judith D. Parr Simmons

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An angel came to Judith during meditation and told her that for the next seven mornings it would take her on seven separate journeys. Each day Judith wrote the separate story after she experienced it. On the third day she perceived that before her were stories and teachings to give lessons about the progression of the soul. Karin Ditmarsch beautifully depicts these stories in her vivid paintings in full color. Months later while the book was at the printer the angel returned to Judith and greatly surprised her by saying, "Now make a tape. Read the stories and sing the songs. The little tunes will help child-souls heal." Judith wept. The CD will help your heart sing with joy.

This remarkable book and soothing CD is artfully helping to mold children into good kids. Judith Parr Simmons takes children, parents, and grandparents on an adventure of accelerated consciousness using compelling parables that teach, but don’t preach. The sounds and pictures help release negativity as one learns lessons of forgiveness and in letting go of the old.

Editorial Reviews of this Book and Cassette

"With loving regard for our children, noted author, musician, teacher, counselor and minister, Judith Parr Simmons, has written a delightful and charming book of parables titled WISE WOMAN: WHISPERINGS OF THE ANGELS. Each of the noble seven parables define the story of a child and lessons of forgiveness applied to these experiences of selfishness, slavery, duty, healing, service, joy, and androgyny.

If that’s not enough, this book of hope for our children is beautifully illustrated by Karin Ditmarsch with marvelous full-color pictorials for each story. AND the book is accompanied by a CD of the author telling the stories . . . and singing the little tunes to ‘help child-souls heal.’

From the story of the Son of Ramses to Athena, a Greek slave; from Soft Eagle, the Indian girl, to Jeremy, a boy in the Civil War, Dr. Parr/Simmons lovingly brings forth the concepts of understanding and forgiveness in a dialogue that children of three or four can comprehend. The tales of William, a page, to Katrina, a Russian dancer, and Eon from the planet Clarion all serve to heal our children . . . and the child within US. "Was Dr. Parr Simmons urged to publish them by angels? Are these magical tales perfect bedtime stories . . . and thoughtful gift ideas? This reviewer believes WISE WOMAN: WHISPERINGS OF THE ANGELS to be all of that . . . and so much more!!" – By Richard Fuller, Senior Editor, Metaphysical Review

An Introduction to this Book and CD

Wise Woman speaks.

"Dear child, I am the Wise Woman who has come to bring you love, hope, and peace. I bring you good news that all is well and that you have a great angel come to watch over you."

"When there are times you hurt because adults will not take the time to listen to you–or to play with you–your angel is with you. When other children poke fun at you about the very special thing that makes you so special–your angel is with you."

"During the special times of happiness when you are so proud you want to burst with joy–or singing–or giggling–your angel is with you. Let me tell you about some other children who have lived in far off places–so long ago they seem like a fairy tale away. Yet, they are each special little children too."

"When you see in their stories that they have a hurt or sorrow, will you help me tell them that they too have an angel to help them? As you give them love, hope, and cheer your will also help their angels, and me, bring them the greatest happiness."

"Let us now visit the precious child, Son of Ramses."

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Son of Ramses speaks:

"The Eye of Horus dares to tell me that when I grow up to be Pharaoh, I will worship the one God, Rah. Hah, when I am Pharaoh my people will worship me as their God. Father and Mother teach me to be perfect. I will make no mistakes when I lead my people. They will bow and obey me and my command."

Wise Woman speaks:

"My dear child, do you see the pride in this little one, Son of Ramses? I tell you, while this little one was growing up he was a wild tiger. He was cruel to the slaves and threw the food on the marble floor if it did not suit him just right."

Angel of Son of Ramses speaks:

"I had a discussion with Wise Woman and we talked long and hard about how to help this little one be kinder. One day I suddenly understood that son of Ramses was the bad little boy that he was because he was afraid of becoming Pharaoh some day.

"His father and mother are so loved by the people, and are so wise that Son of Ramses knew he could never be as good as they at being Pharaoh. He decided to cover his great fear by being mean. Oh, what a pitiful child, afraid of everyone and everything. How could he ever have peace in his heart? A fierce Pharaoh will make a terrible leader."

Wise Woman speaks.

"We decided that we will have to do something drastic to change this little man. So we made a plan like this: Our plan was to make Son of Ramses have an important experience on the day of the Great Festival. The servants would be busy with the dignitaries and temple priests and would not have time to pamper Son of Ramses."

The day of the Great Festival:

"Blaah! This fruit is so bitter, it tastes like poison," says Son of Ramses. He spits it out and stomps his feet and no one has time to pay attention to him. He holds his breath to make himself faint, only to quickly gulp for air, since no one paid attention anyway.

"This is all the abuse I can take around here," he says as he stomps out into the garden. He tromps on his mother’s favorite hyacinths and pulls water lilies out of the pond so that they will dry up and die. He stomps past the rushes and says, "I wonder what I can do to make everyone sorry? I know. I will walk as far as I know how to go and let them think I am lost."

In his anger, silly Son of Ramses does not stop to think that he needs to take water with him out into the desert. He doesn’t even think to grab a handful of figs and dates that are nearby in the basket." . . .

End of the page three in Judith Parr Simmon’s book and CD, WISE WOMAN: WHISPERINGS OF THE ANGELS.


"Our school is still singing after your visit to our 1st and 2nd grade classes. You knew the children loved you the way they demanded your attention while you read WISE WOMAN and sang the little tunes. But did you know we’re now making your stories into plays for acting out? Thank you for taking the time to enchant us and gift us. We hope you come back. Enclosed are thank you letters from our students and pictures of the children climbing on your lap." – Vickie Dow, 1st grade teacher, Golden, CO

"Mrs. Simmons is a neighbor and her WISE WOMAN: WHISPERINGS OF THE ANGELS have changed the attitudes of my 8 and 10 year old who got into serious mischief. They read these stories every day and are becoming respectful. Thanks again. – W. H. Martin, Littleton, CO

Dr. Parr Simmons writes in kids’ language with these darling stories. It’s as if she understands how boys and girls think, and she doesn’t talk down to them either. Beautiful pictures too." – Dorothy A. Laughlin, Dallas, TX

"I keep thinking about these magical stories that are supposed to be for children. They keep reminding me about the power of thought." – Unity Minister, Daytona, FL

"Throughout my two pregnancies I kept listening to the WISE WOMAN: WHISPERINGS OF THE ANGELS so my children would feel the nurturing and joy, and purpose for their lives. Of course, they still love these stories now they are older and are able to appreciate them. I was also shocked recently when my children and I were at a Boulder bookstore and my young son pulled out another one of your books MANY AVENUES OF HEALING off the shelf. How did he tune into it and your vibration?" – Kathy Jagger, Littleton, CO