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Peacock Publishing – Home of Mystical, Inspirational, and Spiritual Books

Peacock Publishing was initially formed in 1987 as a means to present Judith Parr Simmon's refreshing creations in her writing, speaking, and singing. Peacock Publishing, however, quickly became an avenue to represent other "classics" of inspirational treasures as well. Within her website you will find books and tapes on:

  • We offer hard bound copies of the 20 volumes of the "I AM" activity green books from Saint Germain." - Click Here

    We also offer ...
  • Personal Holistic Health
  • Natural Holistic Health
  • Christianity
  • "I AM" Saint Germain Foundation Books
  • Metaphysical Study Guides and Resources
  • Spiritual Meditation
  • Spiritual Attunement
  • The Violet Consuming Flame
  • Mystical Destiny of America
  • Declaration of Independence
  • Power of Prayer
  • Self Publishing
  • Francis Bacon Wrote Shakespeare
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Peacock Publishing, a Source for Holistic, Mystical and Spiritual Books, Tapes, and CDs to Guide You in Meditation and Health and in using – The Violet Consuming Flame.

The material shared by this company offers only the finest of its kind – from Christianity Reincarnation, Personal Holistic Healing, Natural Holistic Health, Mystical Study, Saint Germain Foundation, Spiritual Attunement, Spiritual Meditation, and much more.

Learn to use and apply the Violet Consuming Flame in your daily life and you will gain Divine Authority and Spiritual Attunement to overcome human creation in yourself and to help others. Those who use the Violet Consuming Flame have peace and comfort at hand and they even help clarify the atmosphere of the Earth.

Let Peacock Publishing's selections open up new a new doorway of awareness and expanded consciousness to you.