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Marie Bauer Hall

Marie Bauer Hall

Marie Bauer Hall was born in Germany on 6/25/1904. Raised a Catholic, she was sent to a Convent for training to become a teacher. At the age of 18 she secured a ticket to the United States of America, and became a nursemaid to two small children.

Marie was married to George Bauer and had two children with him. After their divorce she married Manly Palmer Hall in 1950. Manly passed away in August of 1990, and Marie passed away on 4/21/2005 at the age of 100.

Judith Lavigne (Parr) Simmons was a friend of Marie's for over 10 years. Judith had studied Manly's prolific writing before meeting Marie, and since the age of 15 has been involved with doing research regarding Francis Bacon being the true author of Shakespeare writings.

One time Marie told Judith: There are three important things that happened to me in my life--1) Becoming the mother of my two children; 2) Joining Manly Palmer Hall with his lifetime purpose, and in marrying him; 3) Making people aware of, and in trying to raise the Bruton Vault in Williamsburg.

Foundations Unearthed

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For those who have studied the codes in Shakespearean literature (e.g. Mark Twain “Is Shakespeare Dead?”) discover the real Shakespeare is none other than Sir Francis Bacon. The “pens” assisting Bacon were: Lancelot Andrews, Toby Mathews, John Donne, Ben Jonson, Edmund Spencer, Sir Walter Raleigh, Francis Drake and George Withers.

Marie Bauer Hall's Foundations Unearthed (first published in 1940) shares her remarkable adventure and pilgramage in 1938 in using codes that lead her to the graveyard of Bruton Parish in Williamsburg, Virginia. Foundations Unearthed may reveal the most important Masonic or Rosicrucian discovery ever made.

What she discovered in Williamsburg was never fully revealed. Local, political authorities interfered with her work at every step, effectively hiding her discoveries from the world.

Foundations Unearthed will help the reader understand why the Shakespearean works contained hidden codes, and how some of the codes and symbols revealed the discovery of the Bruton vault. The vault when opened will yield the truth about the destiny of America; produce the lost Shakespearean plays; documents of the King James Bible; Tudor family records, and even missing books of the Bible.

Before Marie Bauer Hall passed away at the age of 100, in 2005, she told the owner of Peacock Publishing (Judith Parr Simmons) that not only could Peacock Publishing keep Foundations Unearthed in print, but Marie wanted people to realize that she carried no anger toward those who prevented her from opening “the vault.” Marie poignantly expressed, “When the time is right, God will show the Masons where the documents are, and the world will understand why it has been held in secret, sacred places since the 1600's. When the time is right no man will be allowed to stand in the way.”

This wonderful small book is the work of Marie Bauer Hall. It is her research regarding Francis Bacon being the true author of Shakespeare writings. This book is available at as a result of Judith and Marie's friendship and Judith's deep passion for the Lord Bacon research.

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