“Being in the presence of Judith Lavigne Parr Simmons makes you realize the Light that you are.”
Pat Zarlengo, Divine Science Minister

Dry Gulch

By Judith D. Parr Simmons

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Judith Parr Simmons’ Dry Gulch is the award-winning finalist in the western category of the National Best Book 2009 Awards through USA Book News.

BOOK – Dry Gulch is an entertaining, fictional 1850’s Colorado western with colorful characters you’ll fall in love with, and relate to. Judith wrote this adventure during a time of great personal challenge. By escaping into the past with Dry Gulch, she was able to deal with her modern decisions with a sense of humor and detachment.

Dry Gulch reminds us that sooner or later justice will prevail, and the bad guys will get their “come-uppins.” This story takes us back to the days when the line between good and evil was far easier to discern. When you examine this story, you will discover the best of American values and the great Old West adventures.

Escape and be entertained by the crusty miner, Cliff, and his ornery burro, Betsy, who could charm a rattlesnake out of a hole. Enjoy the romance, adventure, shootouts, and a whole passel of high crimes and misdemeanors. You will discover characters who will wrap themselves around your heart and others that will “get your dander up.” When these characters meet, their lives will be changed forever, and you will never forget them.

“Captivating! Holds your attention and keeps you into the story to see what the next page brings! I loved the Colorado history too.” – Wallace Stetson: retired farmer/rancher, Boise, Idaho

“Dry Gulch is a great read in the vein of Zane Grey and Louis L’Amour. You’ll love the characters.” – Sue Appelbaum, M.ED.R.D., Florissant, Missouri

“A breath of fresh air in this jaded world. I became engrossed in the plot and each character, and enjoyed it immensely!” – Anita F. Allen, RN, Monument, Colorado

“Dry Gulch shares the values showcased in TV’s “Gunsmoke” and characters like Roy Rogers and Dale Evans.” – Dennis Parr, landscape contractor-Englewood, CO

“It was simply impossible to put this book down!” – Edwin Ledbetter, retired attorney and Foreign Service officer with the US State Department, Placitas, NM