“Being in the presence of Judith Lavigne Parr Simmons makes you realize the Light that you are.”
Pat Zarlengo, Divine Science Minister


By Judith D. Parr Simmons

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Meditations From My Garden is a serene book for the stress-filled society of this age. It is a collection of meditations and exercises to help teach one to find peace within. From beginner to advanced meditator – you will learn to reach deep levels of meditation and awareness.

Judith Parr Simmons first wrote this book to be a textbook for her meditation classes. She says in her book, “You may or may not know why you want to meditate. Perhaps a physician told you to do something to reduce stress. Maybe someone who is very special to you already meditates and you have noticed that he or she carries a special peace and happiness you want for yourself.”

Editorial Reviews of this Book

“What happens when you sew fabrics of Eastern, Western, and New Thought Philosophies, and Mysticism together with the thread of meditation concepts and exercises? Not only will the newcomer be welcomed to the simplicity of meditation and the intellect-stimulating materials of the New Age, but the seasoned explorer of metaphysics and mysticism will find treasures of revelation and rewards of deepened meditation experiences.”

“The Reverend Judith Parr Simmons has done us a favor with her book, MEDITATIONS FROM MY GARDEN. Newcomers ask wide-ranging questions of New Thought leaders – prompted in part out of curiosity, in part from fear. Here, in one small volume questions are answered clearly and simply. Here, meditations quicken understanding and one is quietly led forward expanding in awareness as the journey continues.” – John M. Byrns, Jr., Co-Minister, Unity Church of Greater Daytona

“New Thought Magazine” says, “This is a book designed to lighten the ‘question load’ of ministers, practitioners, and teachers – just by being available in the book room.”

“New Thought Magazine” says, “This is a book designed to lighten the ‘question load’ of ministers, practitioners, and teachers – just by being available in the book room.”

An Introduction to this Book

In the center of a hurricane there is peace; stillness; quiet. And so it is where I reside. Our gentle environment is filled with gardens, singing peacocks, and even a waterfall. Outside of our oasis we are surrounded by the noisy, boisterous city: a place of asphalt, concrete, confusion and agitation.

This land is peace. We are at one with nature and nature therefore blesses us to be at one with ourselves and our Creator that is within us.

Deep within each human being there is the knowing of a Creator. The Creator might be called the inner Divinity; the Essence; the I AM or Higher Self; or even the Christ or Buddha within.

Will you join me in my garden and will you let me help you open to the garden of your soul? You have secret areas that are wanting to burst open into purity and newness. You have areas of your being that want to expand and grow, to come alive: to become one with nature and love; to be one with All That Is.

Free Read – First Three Pages
Chapter 1

Why Meditate

“Follow your dreams; For as you dream, so shall you become.” James Allen

Can you imagine your home environment in perfect harmony, with no poverty; no sickness; your neighborhood practicing brotherly love?

Can you imagine your country’s leaders living with high standards and ideals for all to live by: no crime; no welfare, each person doing his or her share of work?

Can you picture world-wide leaders coming up with ideas of how to do something pleasant for another country; creating new ideas to benefit each other rather than competing?

Tell me why this is not possible.

We are now in the dawning of the age of Aquarius! Every five years, all known knowledge on the face of the earth doubles! Man gets deeper and deeper into the realms of space. New universes continue to form and to expand.

We, in the spiritual, scientific community, now know that thought creates. Throughout the ages the mystics have been teaching that thoughts create our reality.

How? Where does this peace and harmony start? It starts with you. With each and every person. You create your own reality. With meditation you will learn to find the Force, the God that is within you. You will realize that each and every thought hangs in the ethers.

Although I am involved with many wonderful experiences, including marriage to a sensitive and kind husband, I can say without any hesitation that my decision to become involved in meditation is the single, most important decision of my life.

Through meditation you will learn how to direct your thoughts. You will learn how to release past fears and doubts; find the center of your being that is one with All That Is – that center of love for yourself and others. If you seek to have power over others that is your choice, but you will find that what you send out into the universe or to others will come back to you ten-fold.

Are you ready to take a journey into your mind? To learn about the You which is spiritual, emotional, mental and physical? The You that created illness because of a belief; the You that can become healed because of the changes in your beliefs.

I challenge you into becoming the best You that you can possibly be. The You that does not need a selfish course of existence. The You that is in harmony with all that is. When light shines in and through you – you are the light of the world! How? Through meditation.

Now, how are you going to learn to meditate? Many busy women can only work on these exercises during their bath. Some businessmen can work on these meditations with short, quick sessions. Others can go and sit next to a large tree. Still others can find a special place with just the right room, chair, and quiet atmosphere.

“We must evolve a new consciousness in which all mankind ascend to higher levels of human compassion, imagination, and cooperation.” – Gerald R. Ford

The Hindu scriptures contain a thousand names for God, each one carrying a different shade of philosophical meaning. As I use the word God, think of your own personal concept. It may include: I AM, Father, Mother, Soul, Spirit, Principle, the Christ, All That Is, Creative Principle, The Force, Presence, etc.” (I will alternate various words that may express your concept of God).

All religions throughout all times, throughout all cultures, have included meditation in their processes, and science is proving what the mystics have taught. As we get more into meditation we will learn that physiology will also be affected. . . .

End of page three in Judith Parr Simmon’s book, MEDITATIONS FROM MY GARDEN.

“Being in the Presence of Judith Parr Simmons makes one realize the Light that they are.” – Rev. Pat Zarlengo, Divine Science Master

“Since meditation is so basic to spiritual development, the beginner will regain untold riches from the information and meditations by this experienced meditator. The tape and book can change your life.” – Dorothy Elder, author of REVELATION FOR A NEW AGE and WOMEN OF THE BIBLE SPEAK TO WOMEN OF TODAY.

“These pages are a Light to guide the novice on the inner path, as well as new flashes of insight for the advanced meditator.” – Metaphysical Writers’ Guild

“As an advanced metaphysical student, I believe the beginner or the advanced meditator will find these meditations exceedingly helpful and inspiring.” – Dorothy Retallack, author of THE SOUND OF MUSIC AND PLANTS