“Being in the presence of Judith Lavigne Parr Simmons makes you realize the Light that you are.”
Pat Zarlengo, Divine Science Minister

The Mystical Destiny of America (CD)

By Judith D. Parr Simmons

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CD – Were you aware that the Greek philosopher, Plato, and even Francis Bacon of Great Britain in the 1600’s wrote about a “New Atlantis” to the West of Europe? They were speaking about a great land and era that would come forth in the West.

The Mystical Destiny of America shares these mentioned historic stories as well as events our patriots shared regarding the founding of the United States that have not reached our history books. Many of these events were shared through the letters of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, as well as entries in the “Congressional Record.”

Have you ever heard about the mysterious stranger that suddenly appeared in the room of the Continental Congress’ secret meeting? He passionately urged each person to sign the sacred document (The Declaration of Independence) even if they were to lose all their wealth or even be hanged for doing so!

Many of us also appreciate the ancient and mystic symbols that were chosen to be on our Great Seal (and eventually the dollar bills).

Marie Bauer Hall also granted Judith permission to use stories from Manly Hall’s book The Secret Destiny of America. Judith shares stories from the book such as the story of “Washington’s Vision,” and “The Unknown Man Who Designed Our Flag.”

All of these inspiring readings with Judith’s soothing and passionate voice will urge you to listen to them over and over again. You even may be aghast at the divine assistance that was given in the forming of this republic.

Dr. Parr Simmons has inspired many groups with these stories ranging from children’s groups to Masonic and Shrine organizations.