“Being in the presence of Judith Lavigne Parr Simmons makes you realize the Light that you are.”
Pat Zarlengo, Divine Science Minister

The Upward Climb – An Epic Poem

By Judith D. Parr Simmons

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BOOK – A great being of light came to Judith in meditation and told her to again get ready for inspired writings. The next 13 days in 20 min. sessions the words flowed quickly and smoothly through her pen with hardly a pause. With minor corrections The Upward Climb (an epic poem) was so written. The teachings are for everyone’s path to “keep the keeping on.” Many weep while reading these pages while their hearts rejoice in the remembering.

Editorial Reviews of this Book

This little treasure has 268 verses to carry the soul forward on the “upward climb” of consciousness. It helps you fly on angel wings as you remember your sacred journey back to God. It has been granted awards for excellence in spiritual upliftment, including the OM Productions spiritual award for excellence.

Patricia Diane Cota-Robles, author of YOUR TIME IS AT HAND: “In THE UPWARD CLIMB you have told the story of our sacred journey in eloquent simplicity. Your book is a beautiful gift to humanity.”

An Introduction to this Book

In the beginning was the word and the word was God, the I AM that I AM, forever, forever, and ever. The Mighty God Presence said, “Behold the glory of God in all things: in the smallest creatures; the precious remnants of plant growth; the mightiest mountains and verdant meadows; the great storms of the night, crisping the air with freshness and the dew drops that delicately caress each and every petal and blade.

“I AM here, I AM there, I AM everywhere. I AM. Behold, behold, behold, I stand before you in magnificent splendor and magnitude, pulling, and stretching you and pulling you forward and upward through the crevices and caverns of your human creations.

“Behold, I stand beside you to strengthen you. I stand behind you to boost you. I stand before you to ever lead you and be the example. I AM. Let your gentle sure heartbeat beat with Me as I direct you, all body, mind, spirit–we are one–at last we are One.

“I have never left you or betrayed you. It is you who turned your head slightly to make slight shadow separation from ‘I AM’ to hide your indiscretions from Me. But you hid not from Me; you hid Me from yourself, letting the shadow grow with your fears, your deceptive beliefs that I loved you not. Step by step the shadows grew and you forgot Me. Lo, I could forget you not.

“I AM ever with you; I have always been with you though the veils got quite thick at times when you hated yourself the most. How could I ever leave you or be separate from you, heart of My heart? “And then so many lives ago there was that gentle spark that pried and peeled the tough skin layers of miasma, and now the peelings lay behind you–cast aside, no longer you, as you stand pure and fresh as the gentle rose petals.

“Soon you will have no more body coats to wear through incarnations’ paths, for you will stand purely free. No more chains or shadows to mar the way of purity’s flame ever enfolding you and spewing forth from you to Me, in one great uniting handclasp of equality–for we are One, I AM and you are Thee in Me.

“The door has long since opened as you are stepping forth free. The new dawning light of purity is setting you free. You are learning to praise and rejoice in the sweet release of human bonds that bound you from Me.”

Free Read – First Three Pages
I. Awakening

Look upward now. The upward path,
The forward steps you seek at last
Are yours right now. Behold the jewel
That you have earned in service way.

My arms reach wide, horizons bay;
Enfold you now each, every day.
You walk with Me. The path is sure;
You do trust Me; you trust yourself.

The way’s been proven through many tests;
Many trials you’ve prepared yourself,
To prove your worth, to Me and you.
You’re being polished pure and soundly true.

The path of light, the path secure,
The narrow steps will keep you sure.
The narrow road has many bends;
Tough, sharpened stones, to test your faith.

You must point straight, the steps you take,
And one by one hazards abate.
They fall away, each one by one,
As you do claim the victor’s crown.

And now the road gets honed and smooth.
The shadows sharp become pure light.
Then n’er look back; forget the past.
Each, every look blocks wisdom’s path.

Just walk with Me; our steps are one.
Love’s light for now is all We claim.
Bright tomorrow, another day,
Of love and grace that paves the way.

Get ready now. We shall begin
A long story of how to win;
To overcome the mortal way,
The quantum leap that all must make.

You too can aid; can help some see;
To give them hope, the promise be.
The resurrection pledge we make
To all who shed the human way.

And now the steps that we shall take
To pry the human doors awake,
It takes one step, one at a time,
To make the forward, upward climb.

The resurrection flame is yours.
You’ll find that it enfolds, endures,
To lift you up, up higher still
Above the human world that’s there.

So heavy, dense, in karmic way.
The thickness, disobedience stray.
The human path that found no gain,
With steps stuck deep in mire ingrained.

The muck got deeper, stiffer still.
It’s when one chose to learn evil.
There is one way, the chosen path,
For all is good, when you at last,

Have chosen God to be your guide.
It’s when you start the upward climb.
’Tis no mistake when one finds truth
in tiny crannies, little nooks

Of reading stuff or daily words,
From others lifted from the slime.
The teachers near are never far
When you are ready, opened door.

End of page three in Judith Parr Simmon’s book, THE UPWARD CLIMB.


“THE UPWARD CLIMB might well be called the 11th insight – a Master step up on our spiritual quest divine. Listen with your heart to this inspiring epic journey from Judith Parr Simmons.” – Dr. Helen V. Walker, Director, Esoteric Truth Center.

“THE UPWARD CLIMB (an epic poem) reaffirms once more for us all that life is precious–to be cherished and loved, not in guilt, fear and loneliness, but in the promise of ever enfolding arms of strength, hope and courage from unseen heights of infinite Spirit.” – Aurelia, Light Worker.

“THE UPWARD CLIMB is wonderful! I’ve never seen such mystical truths put to verse in modern times.” – Rev. Paddy McCollom, Mystical Teacher of the School of Wisdom.